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Global lung health organizations have joined together to declare July 1 World Bronchiectasis Day, and to raise awareness of bronchiectasis and its increased prevalence in many countries.

Bronchiectasis is a lung disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

More than 20 international organizations have joined with one voice. We’re Bringing the World Together for Bronchiectasis.

Did You Know? Information About Bronchiectasis

  • Bronchiectasis is a chronic lung condition characterized by persistent wet/productive cough, frequent lung infections and inflammation, and abnormal bronchial dilation.
    • It can occur at any age and is diagnosed by chest computed tomography (CT) scans.
    • Bronchiectasis causes a significant burden on patients and their families. It can lead to accelerated lung function loss which can result in long-term disability and premature death in adults.
    • Bronchiectasis has been associated with disparities in morbidity and mortality outcomes in the socioeconomic disadvantaged.
    • The Foundation’s co-chair of the World Bronchiectasis Day and Bronchiectasis and NTM Medical Director, Timothy Aksamit, MD, presented an Introduction to Bronchiectasis seminar that covers the basics of bronchiectasis and information about how people with bronchiectasis can live their best life? View it here:

Story Ideas for Journalists

  • Bronchiectasis is no longer considered a rare disease; prevalence is growing worldwide. Speak to bronchiectasis medical and science experts about why the time is now to speak up about bronchiectasis and its impact on global health.
  • Prior to COVID-19, respiratory diseases, the fight for breath, and lung care were not talked about enough. The deadly pandemic brought the use of oxygen, ventilators, long-term lung health complications, and death into communities worldwide. As the pandemic continues to ebb and flow, are we doing enough to address the lung lessons COVID-19 has taught us?

If you’re interested in covering these or other story ideas, please contact the World Bronchiectasis Day Communications team and we’ll connect you with subject-matter experts.

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Global Lung Health Organizations Partner for Inaugural World Bronchiectasis Day.

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