Educational Event Recordings

The following are select Bronchiectasis and NTM 360 events recordings. For a full library of our recordings, please visit the COPD Foundation YouTube channel.

Bronchiectasis Q & A webinar with Dr. Tim Aksamit

This webinar was presented by Bronchiectasis and NTM 360 of the COPD Foundation. In this webinar, Dr. Tim Aksamit, Medical Director of Bronchiectasis and NTM 360, answers questions that were previously submitted by patients and caregivers.

Introduction to Bronchiectasis Webinar

Discover basic information about bronchiectasis symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and management in this webinar with host, Tim Aksamit, MD, Bronchiectasis and NTM 360 Medical Director and World Bronchiectasis Day co-chair.

An Introduction to NTM Lung Disease (Part 1)

How much do you know about NTM lung disease and its connection to COPD? This helpful video with NTM lung disease expert, Dr. Pamela McShane, will give you a brief overview of the disease and how it is contracted.

An Introduction to NTM Lung Disease (Part 2)

This video provides an opportunity to learn more about how to identify, treat and manage the disease. Dr. Pamela McShane, a renowned expert in the field, provides practical advice for anyone wanting to learn more about NTM lung disease.