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Does BE partial or complete lobe reduction reduce exacerbations and improve quality of life?

Good afternoon All! I havent seen mentioned lobe reduction surgery as a possible way to aggressively intervene to remove the BE area of the lung where fluids and bacteria accumulate and bring on exacerbations. Has anyone had this done and does it help? …

Author: Greg
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Market Research Opportunity

Hi all, Schlesinger and Associates is looking for individuals diagnosed with NTM lung disease (including MAC) to participate in a 60-minute telephone and web-based discussion about NTM. The goal of this research is to understand personal journeys with …

Author: Delia
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Bronch medications & side effects?

I been wondering about these two you can neb gentomicin and tobramycin I am asking my pulmo when I see him in June. Was told that you have to prove a bacteria by sputum is that true do you know for sure? There is a study out now that they are working on …

Author: Kristen
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