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I will be starting taking Clofazamine soon and am wondering if anyone else has had experience taking it. I am interested in any tips on dealing with side effects and what sort of side effects you had. (I am being treated for mycobacteria abscessus.)

Author: Deb19
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What are your side effects? Do you take probiotics?

I am new to lung disease although I’ve had a chronic cough and trouble breathing for two decades. Never saw anybody for it because I was once told it was all from anxiety . January 2015 I decided I should get it checked out and after much testing & many …

Author: teaberry
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Are you on a probiotic? Which ones are best?

I've read that some probiotics are better than others for dealing with side effects from antibiotics. What have your doctors recommended? Have you noticed much improvement in side effects when you take a probiotic? Tomorrow's the day I see my doc to …

Author: Merry
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Has anyone had nerve damage from Ethambutol?

I started NTM treatment with the "big 3" but had to stop the Ethambutol in the first month because my hands and feet started getting numb. I understand the damage is often temporary, but after 30+ days off the Ethambutol, they haven't gotten better. It's …

Author: Merry
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Anyone on bedquilline?

Recently had to stop iv amikacin due to hearing loss. Still on rifampin and azythromycin. Waiting for bedaquilline which was approved by pharmaceutical co., Sirturo. Any side effects, efficacy of drug?

Author: Donna
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Bronch medications & side effects?

I been wondering about these two you can neb gentomicin and tobramycin I am asking my pulmo when I see him in June. Was told that you have to prove a bacteria by sputum is that true do you know for sure? There is a study out now that they are working on …

Author: Kristen
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