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anyone on nebulized mucomyst?

Wondering if anyone nebs mucomyst and if you think it helps. I feel it makes me more sob. Dehydration?

Author: ksuzanne
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Hi Everyone, My Mom was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis a year ago. I need some answers.

I am wondering if they took a sputum sample to check what bus she may have? I was diagnosed 2014 but have asthma and emphysema.I am sure my bronchiectasis was caised from many lung infections. Xopenex neb followed by 7% hypertonic saline then go to the …

Author: Kat67
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What Nebulizer should I choose?

I'm newly diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and MAI. Apparently I have only two brands of nebulizers available in my area that my insurance will cover: Drive (compact or MedNeb I think) and Phillips Respironics Innospire Mini. Does anyone know which is the …

Author: sewcrazy64
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Can anyone recommend a really good nebulizer for inhaling hypertonic saline solution? One that nebulizes pretty quickly, puts out a lot of "saline vapor," effective in getting the "gunk" out. Thanks Laura

Author: Laura
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