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How do you handle public coughing and spitting?

I cough and spit out mucus a lot. Sometimes this will happen when I'm out, say in a store or restaurant. I try to cough/spit into a tissue as discreetly as possible, but it is pretty gross. Any suggestions?

Author: shardan1
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Does anyone have an out of control cough?

My bronchiectasis and MAC was diagnosed in Oct 2015. for 20 years prior, and ever since, I have had a strenuous, every day and night cough that I take numerous medicines and inhalers to try to control. Does anyone else have this much trouble with …

Author: Katherine
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The coughing is increasing. Do any of you take cough pills, and do you recommend?

I have been prescribed cough pills by my pulmonologist, but I don't take them, thinking that it's better to get the mucous up and out than let it be a breeding ground for infection. But I pretty much cough all day long now, and would like some relief. …

Author: Cindy G
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