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Anyone treated with augmentin antibiotic?

Anyone found it to be helpful? I'm done with it but really didn't seem to help other than mucus is clear now. Shortly after taking my dose I seemed to get more throat and sinus inflammation. My doc prescribed this along with pred for a sinus infection …

Author: ksuzanne
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When to start antibiotic?

Hi everyone. I found this question on an online bronchiectasis forum that I follow and I would like to know your experience about "when to start antibiotic". When do you start antibiotics? How do you know if you have exacerbation? What is the antibiotic …

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Are you on a probiotic? Which ones are best?

I've read that some probiotics are better than others for dealing with side effects from antibiotics. What have your doctors recommended? Have you noticed much improvement in side effects when you take a probiotic? Tomorrow's the day I see my doc to …

Author: Merry
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