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Just getting started

I am an older woman with a lifelong history of respiratory allergies with frequently recurring dry cough, and a tendency for colds to develop into bronchitis. I also have Crohns colitis, which spreads occasionally to my upper GI, and have been in …

Author: lmb100
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Top Centers for MAI Treatment?

Hi I was recently diagnosed with MAI And live in a rural area...Two Pulmonologist’s that I’ve traveled to have said not to seek treatment because of side effects...Now a third says that I should get treatment....Where are the top places to go for …

Author: suze
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Alternative approach to MAI and Bronchiectasis

Hi - after treating MAI for a year with the big 3 (azithromycin, rifampin, ethambutol) with no improvement, we essentially doubled the dosage + used Amikacin via nebulizer (after a visit to National Jewish Health). Over a year later, the MAI was gone - …

Author: mcthom
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NTM MAI and the bird connection

Hi - found out recently that there is a connection with NTM MAI and living with birds - has anyone been told this by a doctor, I saw a new pcp and he was stunned to learn that I was living in a house with a bird (amazon) - I was stunned that no one ever …

Author: bunnyhop
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