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ARICAYCE side effects

I have only been on this drug for 7 days but have noticed after each treatment my oxygen goes down and my heart rate goes up. My physician said at this time he is not concerned. Has anyone else had these side effects this early in treatment?

Author: JEG
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MAC, Bronchiectasis and CPAP

I just learned I have sleep apnea and am being fitted with a CPAP. What do I need to know about using CPAP as it relates to my MAC and bronchiectasis? It seems like disinfecting may be a problem. I don't think CPAP mask, tubing, etc can be boiled like my …

Author: sewcrazy64
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Difference between MAC and NTM

I've heard many people refer to the term "MAC" when they talk about NTM. What is MAC? What's the difference between MAC and NTM?

Author: Delia
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