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surgery and exercising

I was diagnosed last week with bronchiectasis. I am a physical education middle school teacher and am 49. I used to work out fairly regularly until I had to have a parathyroidectomy/thyroidectomy in the summer of 2017. It took half the year to get my …

Author: Sindy
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How do you find your edge and maintain a line with breathlessness while exercising?

There has been some chatter about energy level and exercise, as well as breathlessness either while exercising or it holding you back from doing so at all. Does anyone have tips about finding your edge and managing your breathlessness?

Author: Gretchen
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Exercise beneficial to the improvement of breathing

Exercise is better for all of us weather a lung disease or not. Us with the lung disease need to keep moving for our lungs. Most can maintain the lung volume by keeping exercising and if you do get sick the length of being sick maybe shorter than usual …

Author: Gretchen
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