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Archive: October 2019

What is Bronchiectasis, and how can it overlap with COPD?

Posted on October 14, 2019   |   
Author: Gretchen   |   
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Recent research suggests that bronchiectasis is more common than previously thought1, and you or someone you know may be living with this condition. We hope that this article will help to increase your knowledge of bronchiectasis and how it can overlap with COPD. There is power in knowing more about the ways these conditions can be treated to help one live better. This knowledge can also help increase awareness and improve communication between families, friends, and health care providers.

In addition to the details contained in this article, here are a few places to find more information. The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind video series includes an educational program titled Solutions for COPD and Bronchiectasis Patients, which can be viewed by clicking the link. Resources from the COPD Foundation include COPD360social and BronchandNTM360social websites, which host online social communities for members to communicate, share experiences and ask questions. These sites also include many articles, helpful blog posts, educational materials, and information about the COPD Foundation’s research programs.

The name ‘Bronchiectasis’ is derived from the Greek term “bronkhia,” meaning branches of the lungs’ main bronchi (aka airways), and “ektasis,” meaning dilation. Recent research estimates that 340,000-522,000 adults received treatment for bronchiectasis in the United States in 20131. Bronchiectasis develops when the airways are dilated (widened). When this occurs, the lungs struggle to clear themselves of mucus. When mucus is not cleared from the lungs, bacteria can build up. This environment in the lung may lead to repeated lung infections and cause more damage to the already impaired lungs.

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